Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cedar Butte

rattlesnake lake,cedar butte
Rattlesnake Lake from Cedar Butte Summit

What a day! Lucked into some tickets to the Mariner's game, so Casey and I took three kids from Youth Group. We all had a great time and afterward we took the kids home -- the last one we dropped off at Wilderness Rim. While we were there, we figured we'd get another training hike in -- this time Cedar Butte.

Cedar Butte is a great little hike -- perhaps three miles round trip with 800 feet elevation gain. Enough to get you sweating a little bit. Once again, Casey was a champ. We made the summit and took some pictures between 6:40 and 8:00pm. On the way down we had that time-honored discussion about what we would eat when we got home! We were very hungry, having hiked through our dinner time.

cedar butte
Cedar Butte Summit

Casey asked me the next day "Hey dad, when is the next hike?" He doesn't like fishing, but he likes hiking! That's good enough for me. I'm thinking of hitting the Thorp Lake Trail next. Stay tuned.

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