Thursday, April 30, 2009

4/30 - Langlois, Klaus Lake


The weather was due to be outstanding and a wonderful friend (Thanks Alex) from our church agreed to pick up Casey after school (and take him to soccer practice!) so that Amy and I could get a weekday of fishing in. Yes, this means that Amy and I missed Casey's first soccer practice (we heard he scored four goals); we are not going to win any parental awards, but we knew that already.

Langlois seemed slow to me. The water was too calm and there were too many other people for a weekday -- doesn't anyone have jobs anymore? Oh wait, in this economy maybe they dont't.

We fished Langlois for a couple of hours and decamped at noon. In North Bend I bought the Hancock tree farm pass for the first time in a few years. We lunched at the Mexican place next door, filled our coffee's at Huxdotter and then we were off to the Tree Farm.

There was one other guy at Klaus but we never got close enough to talk to him. Normally Klaus fishes VERY slow. I have been skunked there more often than not -- but we got into fish right away - a double-header to start. All the fish were between 8-13" and their size varied quite a bit so I'm wondering if they are all still self-reproducing there. I dunno. Good time though.

Finally tally was 25 fish between the two of us for the day. Not bad!

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