Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/25 Deep Lake, Nolte State Park - Opening Day

My birthday (the 28th of April) usually coincides with Opening Day of fishing season. This year was no different. For my birthday we treated ourselves to a day of fishing. W had debated where to go
  • Langlois? Too Crowded on Opening day
  • Rattlesnake? Too low and often starts slow

We decided to return to our one of our old favorites -- Deep Lake in Nolte State Park. It's a beautiful, undeveloped, quite natural lake that is 100' deep due to an orphaned glacier (global warming). The boat launch was even MORE in accessible now due to the park being officially "closed" due to winter weather damage.

But there were a few hardy souls fishing the lake besides ourselves -- perhaps four other boats and many bank fisherman.

Amy and I caught little planted rainbows for hours and hours. She fishes chironimid-style almost exclusively now and she did okay at it. I fished the new Six Pack fly. We fished until we absolutely had to leave to pick up Casey from our friends house. Nice day.

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