Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/9 - Black Lake, Hancock Tree Farm

black lake,fly fishing

Gotta get some value out of my tree pass. And I had to get some fishing in or I was going to go Crazy. Got up early, gassed up the truck, grabbed a sandwich and some coffee a headed into the tree farm. I spent about an hour looking for a couple of those "blue dots" on the Hancock tree farm. One eluded me entirely. The other one was blocked by a tree across the road. I was determined though and I parked the truck and hoofed it until I found that second blue dot. It was a large lake but so shallow that there was no open water. Another few years and it'll be just another peat bog.

Anyway... Black lake. No one there but me on a sunny Saturday. That's why the pass is worth it -- the solitude. I fished about 6 hours, listening to Fresh Air and then the Mariner's Game. Landed 15 rainbows, but they were all < 10". That's okay though -- good enough for today. Almost all of them were caught under and indicator -- Amy would have loved it.

Lastly, a friend of mine had lent me his audiotape of Hemingway's The Big Two Hearted River. I listened to it today while driving to the lake and it was fantastic. If that story doesn't make you want to take up fly fishing.... Well, this report certainly won't!