Friday, May 22, 2009

Tiger Mountain: Round and Tradition Lakes

Round Lake, at its fullest

A few weeks ago, Casey and I stumbled across this funky little lake in Tiger Mountain state park. Its Round Lake and its about 2 acres. Maybe not even that big. Looks very fishy though!

On Friday, after work, I returned there with a float tube. One of the most exciting feelings in the world to me is stepping into new water, even if its a dinky like pond like this one. The water was a warm soup with tadpoles everywhere. If there are fish in there, they would be very well fed! The pond is not more than 5 feet deep anywhere and I now have my doubts that there are fish that live there year round. After an hour I packed up and headed down the (dirt) road to Traditional Lake.

Tradition Lake

Tradition Lake is rumored to hold large (like 8 pounds) bass. And I've met guys who say they do well there. I'm not one of them; I was skunked there again. Its a little early for the warm water fish but I figured the fishing spirits would give me a little dink or something so I could avoid a double-skunking. But there it is.

That's three skunks in a row! Bad Luck.

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