Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/17 Bridges Lake

Had a couple of hours to kill on Sunday night. Ended up at Bridges Lake -- the only soul there. First time this year using a float tube -- thank goodness it survived the winter intact!

Bridges lake was HIGH -- probably 10" vertical higher than in summer.

Fish were rising very sporadically -- it was hard to get a bead on them.

They were not interested in anything subsurface.

I got one strike at the surface on a BWO but I fumbled my rod and missed it!

And that was the only action I saw -- first official skunking of 2009.

On the way out of the tree farm there were police all around the entrance. At the fork at Ernie's grove there was a tow-truck hooking up a police car. As I rolled down to them, two office approached with their hands on their guns and asked to see in my truck. After they verified that I wasn't who they were looking for they asked me what I was doing up there and I told them "Getting skunked!" The officer lightened up for a second, pointed his thumbs at his head and said "That's cause you don't have skills like ME!"

They said they were looking for someone named "Rainy" a nearby resident who took off on foot. I wonder what he did to disable a police car???

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  1. I just moved to Ernie's Grove and I want to explore the lakes in the Tree Farm. Can you shoot me an email with an explanation of how to find the lakes? I am not a Hancock keyholder and I do have 4x4. Thanks so much! Kelly -