Thursday, July 29, 2010

East Lake, in the Newberry Crater, Oregon

Giant Brown Trout. 20 pounds or more. That's what draws many people to East Lake. A couple of years ago I landed a 22" brown trout, one of the most beautiful fish I'd ever seen, from the lake shore, right at the public camp ground. The 4000 acre lake sits in a "brand-new" volcano (only 1000 years old), just south east of Bend Oregon. Amy and I were on our way to Las Vegas, to attend DEFCON 18 (the annual hacker convention) so we made sure to stop and throw flies.

Again, Amy had the right touch. She landed over a dozen fish, mostly rainbows and browns. The largest fish was a strange brown trout with a big head and a snaky body. He was lethargic and his eyes begged us to be put out of his misery. Weird! Fishing for everyone else (including me) was tough. The blazing sun kept the bigger fish down deeper than we could reach with our fly lines.

Weird Mutant Fish

We pulled our boat up to the resort for some lunch; burgers with chilis on them, yum! Stop by there for some good grub and see the pictures of all the huge fish that were taken there.

On the way out, we spied what appeared to be a mountain of (cooled) lava coming through the trees near the road. We pulled over and found this incredible park with a trail leading up onto the Obsidian flow itself. The flow a hundred feet tall (or more?) and is coursed with massive veins of obsidian. Next time we go there we'll take the full 3 mile hike.

For me, the flow was the highlight of the day. I had no fish pictures but at least I got this cool rock picture!


  1. Great photos! Pretty lake that I'll have to fish someday. I see skinny browns like that in Dry Falls sometimes, but I don't know why they are so skinny with big heads as it seems like they should be getting plenty to eat. I also love seeing obsidian and I've collected some in my childhood.

  2. Obsidian is cool! Looks like a fun lake.