Thursday, July 2, 2009

Middlefork Campground

Our Campground

I haven't been camping in over ten years. As part of my master plan to become an alpine lake ninja I have to get back into it. So Thursday night Casey and I started the long holiday weekend by driving 45 minutes to beautiful the new Middlefork campground on the Middle fork of the Snoqualmie River.

Taylor River Bridge

To Casey's delight, the camp host, Pete, let us drive the camp's golf cart around the camp. Then Casey and I went to explore parts of the nearby Taylor River, which had, this winter, washed out the bridge. In case you were wondering if it was still possible to get around the washout, well, look at the picture.

Pump some water

Then we walked around the camp to find the old-timey water pump. We filled a bucket for camp use. There's something very quaint about pumping your own water.

Makin Dinner

Weinies and Cup'Noodles make for good Bachelor food for camping. I'm not a cook by any stretch but I thoroughly enjoyed getting us fed that night. Especially using the new $50 camp pot set that Vlad recommended (GSI Dualist).

Breakfast is iPod!

We slept very well, even though our neighbors had told us that last year everyone had been chased out there by a hungry, aggressive bear. Casey slept in his underwear. In the morning I got up and made myself coffee. Casey wouldn't eat the oatmeal I bought so he had the last weinie for breakfast. In the picture you can see the AMAZINGLY TINY camp stove, which is in the process of boiling the water when this picture was taken.

Taylor River Bridge

The campground was exactly what we needed for our maiden camping voyage. We had a great time and I, for one, can't wait to go camping again! Next time will probably be Mirror Lake or some other hike-to-camp option.

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