Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Middlefork Adventures

middle fork snoqualmie slough

As a fisherman in the Snoqualmie Valley, I am fortunate enough to go to church with local entreprenuer and outdoorsman Bryan Finney, who has been scouting out the three river forks for twenty years or more. Last weekend he called me up and invited me to visit an absolutely incredible slough in the Middlefork valley. I said "sure!" and before too long we were stomping down a fisherman's trail to the slough.

middle fork snoqualmie
Bryan Finney with a slough cutthroat

The Slough doesn't show up on maps which is crazy because its absolutely gigantic; it just goes on and on and on. We fished the long S-shape for three hours and still didn't cover it all. We caught a mix of largemouth bass and trout. Here's a picture of me after I lost the largest cutt of the day, which was perhaps 13".

middle fork snoqualmie
The One the Got Away

At some point, Bryan mentioned that the river has a neat little run behind the slough.

So the next day, Casey and went back there. We walked past the slough and tried to find the river. We wandered around the hot, bug-infested jungle for 45 minutes. We even bumped into another dad and his girls who were looking for the same river access! Finally, Casey and I followed an old creekbed and found the run that Bryan was talking about.

middle fork snoqualmie

As I was setting up to fish, Casey yelled "Ewwww! Dad, there's a snake here with a dead fish!" I came around the rock, took the following video. Note, the sculpin isn't dead: if you look closely you can see it gulping air.

Normally snakes swallow things head first -- that way fins and limbs can fold back and be swallowed whole. This juvenile snake hasn't learned that lesson yet I guess. He eventually had to spit out the fish (now dead).

middle fork snoqualmie
Photo by Casey

In the end, the snake was a better fisherman than I; I caught nothing. Good looking water though.

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