Saturday, February 19, 2011

A collection of Books

About ten years ago, when I first got into hiking I started collecting books authored by two of the northwest's most cherished eco-activists, Harvey Manning and Ira Spring. You can credit both of them with the awesomeness that is today's Mountains to Sound Greenway.

I recently hired a long-time local Snoqualmie Valley carpenter and he made an excellent cabinet/bookcase in the recessed area outside my home office. The top shelf is now populated with ONLY those books I collected. The funny thing is how many duplicates I purchased along the way.

I'm particularly proud of having all four of the original Footsore series from the 80's.

On another note. I was in the North Bend Ace Hardware about a week ago, and they had just sold out of the Hancock Forest Passes. So if you weren't one of the 800 people who got their passes well, you'll have to wait til next year!


  1. The cabinate is sweet. It looks like you hike as much as you fly fish. Your spring post of Dry Falls - brought me here.
    Your photos are amazingly good. - I think I hate you. :-)
    BTW - I think you might be the guy who gave me a lesson in chironomidae fishing last year. If you are thanks I did much better after the lesson.

  2. Nice furniture to put on books and other things in it..I like the collection of books..

  3. I love it over there!!! It’s the nicest place, and the people are really friendly.