Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amber Lake, near Spokane

Amber Lake, from above

About 45 minutes south-west of Spokane is a pot-hole lake named Amber. The whole area is full of lakes, but this one is popular with the catch-and-release fly-fishing crowd. The lake is known for its large, wily rainbows and the fishing can be quite technical.

The Amazing Davenport Hotel in Spokane

I was already in Spokane on Business. In fact, I stayed in the famously remodeled old-school luxury hotel, the Davenport, right in the middle of Downtown Spokane. And I had one of the best rib-eye steaks I'd ever eaten at Churchill's Steakhouse next door. So no matter what, the fishing trip was already a success!

The first trip of the year is when you find out if you have any flies left or if your boat has a leak, or if your net has a hole. None of those things happened: all the gear looks good.

But, if you recall, this is the lake that, last year, caused me to finally admit that Amy is the better fisherman.

Amy with an Amber Rainbow last year

Part of me wanted to return to prove to myself that I still "had it" and that I could catch a mess of fish if she wasn't around to get them all first. Ultimately, I did no better than last year. In fact, I only caught one, and it was smaller fish, too (a recently planted 10" fish).

But it was a good trip anyway. If I could do it again, the only thing I'd change is the venue: maybe next time, Medical Lake.


  1. Good for you for trying Amber Lake again! That's one lake that I've yet to try myself. How were the other fishermen doing? From the first photo it looks like you had some company on the lake. At least you didn't get skunked...

  2. Rex: About 20 guys from the Spokane Fly Fishermen club showed up as I was launching. Everyone said it was slow: 0, 1 or 2 fish for each.