Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

Like many other high-mountain anglers, I maintain a list of lakes to visit. In fact, there's a long list and a short list. Well this year, my short list is very short and in fact, it has only one real entry on it.

I was going to name it but given the number of visitors to this site I figured that might not be a good idea, at least until AFTER I go there. My friend Vlad Karpinskiy visited there a few years ago and he said that its known as a fine fishing lake and that he had an encounter with a 15" trout there.

Its far enough from the road that it'll probably require an overnight stay. Fortunately, there are other good fishing lakes near there so I can make a real trip out of it.

I'm going to start staring at the photo of it right now. Mmmmm. I can already see myself taking this same picture!

Wish me luck in getting there in 2011.

Where are YOU going?


  1. This is very beautiful spot, you will not regret getting there. Good luck!

  2. David:

    I'm a long time lurker/reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing your adventures in the snoqualmie pass/valley area.I fish that area alot but not quite as extensively as you. I've been to Scout lake and Annette lake, and I fish the south fork regularly. The Waptus river is my personal favorite.

    You can view my Fly fishing blog here if you like:
    I have focused my attention on largemouth bass in the spring when the rivers are closed or blown out and done quite well at a lake I see you have visited (check out the pics).

    Anyway I was wondering if you mind if I fish your "S" slough on the middle fork? I'm pretty sure I've located it on the map, and it looks mighty tempting!

    I believe you are right to keep the lake names quiet.

    Tight Lines in 2011!