Thursday, June 17, 2010


Three items to talk about.

From SUMC Youth Blog

While it may seem that I spend all my time tromping around the state fishing, I have other responsibilities. When I'm not working in Queen Anne, I'm often volunteering at Snoqualmie United Methodist as a Youth Leader. I write about it at my other blog (see here). In a few weeks we're taking some of the kids on a mission trip to Camp Twinlow in Idaho. Not ALL of these kids but about 7 of them. The camp is on a lake, so I intend to take my flyrod with me and catch some fish.

From 2010 Hiking and Camping

Cameras again. Since I wrote about cameras in December, I have purchased AND LOST another digital camera. It was another Nikon Coolpix, this time the L22. As much as I liked the L10, I didn't care for the L22; bulky, slow, confusing interface. I feel like an idiot, but I need another camera to take on the Mission trip. So tonight I picked up, at Costco, the Fuji XP 10 for $140. Normally I don't care for Fuji cameras, but the price was right and its Waterproof and Shockproof. If I can hold on to this one, I'll be posting a lot of pictures from it!

Last thing. I've turned on Comments for the blog. As of this writing, anyone can post any comment, so fire away!

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