Sunday, June 13, 2010

Northwest Sportsman Article

If you spend much time fishing in solitude in the Pacific Northwest, you will find yourself setting down your rod, picking up your camera and taking a photograph of the beautiful landscape before you. The impulse to do this comes for a desire to capture the light on the mountains, or the interesting way the mist shrouds the forest or the way the water looks metallic in the later afternoon.

I have dozens and dozens of photos like that. Recently, Andy Walgamott, a journalist with the magazine Northwest Sportsman, asked me for a photo from the Hancock Timber Area. I didn't have any "glory" shots to give him but I did send him a landscape photo that I had taken from at McLeod lake, when a passing cloud make an interesting shadow across the side of the mountain range. In fact, its this photo from my earlier report on McLeod Lake.

Fly Fishing from Snoqualmie

I didn't think he'd use it for his artcile but he did! He sent me a couple of copies of the magazine and let me tell you, I like his writing! Pick up a copy of June's Northwest Sportsman and read Andy's article! Look for it on page 44, with a photo credit for yours truly.


  1. Nice! Congratulations on your first published photo!

  2. Love you your blog! Great info from a fellow local.