Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dusty Lake

Me, at Dusty Lake
This time of year, the weather doesn't always cooperate on the Western slopes of the Cascades (which is why we call it the "wet side"). So Vlad and I jumped in his new Forrester and drove over the pass to the Quincy Wildlife Area to fish Dusty Lake. Dusty has always been a favorite of mine. Its not quite a "drive-to" lake; upon reaching the trail-head, you must hike down about a mile along a dusty trail.

The Dusty Trail
Once upon a time such a hike was sufficient to keep most other anglers away, and one could be assured of having Dusty mostly to oneself. Like other lakes in that area (Dry Falls for one), Dusty is surrounded by towering, crumbling basalt cliffs. Something in the water (alkaline?) bleaches the rocks around the lake giving the whole scene an otherworldly feel.

Vlad Karpinskiy
Dusty has grown in popularity over the last few years as tales of its largish trout got out. Also, sadly, there has been constant poaching by people of all backgrounds. I am hoping that this explains how Vlad and I both got skunked on this trip!. We fished for a good 5 hours; Vlad had two strikes. I had a giant fish on for about 5 seconds (and then he was gone).
At one point, there was some serious yelling and shouting on the lake from a party that had arrived after we did and had set up on the rocks. They were hootin' and hollerin' because a woman had caught her first fish ever. I approached the group and I got a picture of her in her bikini with the fish. She was very excited; at age 44 she had caught her first fish ever! How about that.
Dunno who she is, but it's her first fish ever
If you go: Remember, no bait, no barbs. One fish limit.

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