Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Day 3: Dry Falls Lake

Dry Falls Lake is one of the premiere fly-fishing destinations in all of Washington State. The Lake was formed during the great American flood, where a wall of water 1000 feet tall swept across the desert, ultimately flushing through the basin area, creating the incredible 400 foot cliffs of Dry Falls Lake. Its an amazing venue, and the fact that the fishing can be quite good only adds to its charm.

Dry Falls Launch

On Day 3, a Tuesday, we arrived at the lake around 10:00am, and we were surprised to find the lake packed with anglers! I counted two dozen other fisherman, mostly in pontoon boats and water masters and prams. Doesn't anyone work anymore? No worries, fly fishermen are an easy-going lot as long as you aren't mistreating the resource. We launched our craft and headed out through the shallows into the deeper water.

Catching fish

Everyone was catching fish on that day. About half seemed to be fishing indicator setups and the other half a mixture of subsurface flies or woolly buggers. After querying the only other woman on the lake, Amy started fishing a black woolly bugger down deep. She immediately began catching fish. Fish after Fish. Amy really put it to me.

Rex Takasugi

We ran into Rex Takasugi, who was putting on a clinic on the far side of the lake. He gave me some flies and gave us some pointers about where the fish were lying. Amy used that information to really start putting on a show. By now Amy had caught 15 fish. I had caught 1, and I was getting kind of steamed about it. Fortunately, I was able to put Rex's advise to work and I caught 4 fish, including the biggest fish of the day, this 18" trout.

Trout of the Day

Amy caught 21 fish, which is by far her record of most fish caught in a single day. My personal record is only 27. That last fish of hers was one of the nicest of the trip! A beautiful 17" fish, what a way to cap off the day!


Day 3: Dinner and Lodging
We stayed at the Super 8 on the outskirts of Spokane. Do yourself a favor and stay someplace a little nicer.

Tally for Day 3: Amy = 21 Fish, David = 5 Fish.

Congratulations to Amy for her record day of fishing!

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