Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Day 1: Upper Yakima River Proper

Home from Easter Service

Sunday was important for three reasons.  One, it was Easter.  Two, the end of Lent meant I could eat chocolate again.  Three, the start of our 4 day fishing trip.

After packing our gear, we drove an hour over the pass to my favorite fishing grounds.  I'd heard many tales of large fishing being caught somewhere on the Yakima lately.  It being cold, you can see Amy layering on several undergarments, including non-matching PJs and booties!

Geared up, we hiked through the woods to the river.  We fished hard for about three hours, in the wind and cold and finally rain.

Not a single tap.  So I didn't take any pictures of the river.  But the pictures of the woods were cool so I'm posting them.

Day 1: Dinner and Lodging
That night we stayed at the old "Ellensburg Inn" which is now a Quality Inn.  I like their little breakfast place, the pool and wifi.  We had dinner at this new place down the street called The Roadhouse Grill, which was honestly fantastic.   I had a GREAT rib-eye steak and watched the first Mariner's game on the TV over Amy's head at the bar. :)

So on day 1, the fishing wasn't so hot, but the road trip was going well.  Next up, Day 2, which includes the biggest fish of the trip...

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