Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flies for the Snoqualmie Valley

Our April fishing trip has inspired me to get some tying done. I only tie about six different types flies; these are most of them. From the top left around clockwise...
  • A black Bunny Streamer. Also tie them in Olive.
  • 5 diffent types of Carey-Specials.  Amy swears by the two on the right, the Olive Willies.
  • Five San Juan Worms.  So easy to tie, ahhh.  The key is to use a lighter on the ends.
  • Blue Winged Olives - The only dry I tie anymore.
  • Snowcones - black, red, silver and olive, in sizes 14-18
  • A Hares Ear - really need to tie more of these, they are so versatile
  • 5 Prince Nymphs - Actually use these in the Yakima more than anywhere else
In fact, I'm thinking of blogging a series of "Flies for the Snoqualmie Valley." If you have some recommendations, please send them to me and we'll talk!

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