Friday, August 15, 2008

Hyas Lake

casey, hyas lake
2 mile trail to Hyas Lake

Took today off to get in some more family summer fun time. Amy still has a cold so she stayed home. I've always wanted to see Hyas Lake. It supposed to be a great pay-off for such a short, easy hike. And it is, sort of.

casey, hyas lake
Casey on the Beach at Hyas Lake

It took two hours to get to the trailhead from our house. My guidebook said it was 1.5 miles to the trail, but the signs at the trailhead say 2 miles. And you know what? It's definitely 2 miles because it took us an hour on the trail. The trail itself is in great shape and very easy. There's just a limit to how fast Casey can hike and apparently that limit is 2 miles an hour.

casey, hyas lake
Warm Water

The first camp site we found had a great little beach. We emerged from the trees onto the beach to the sight of the brilliant green, clear water and rising fish. The water was very slack and looked like it had been that way all day. Most of the rising fish were small but every now and then there was a slurp that suggested a bigger fish. I strung up my flyrod but the fish were always 20 feet out of reach no matter how far out I cast.

Hyas Lake, Casey
Casey Makes Friends

After a while, some real campers showed up and I assured them they were welcome to the site since we were leaving soon. They had three young girls with them. The girls came out and saw Casey and I'm not sure who started showing-off more; Casey or them. They were all putting it on pretty thick. Casey actually asked me to time him running up and down the beach as if he were some kind of olympian doing casual training.

casey, hyas lake

Eventually the sun went down and we started heading back to the car. We had DEETed at the trailhead but playing in the water had washed it all off. The mosquitoes became merciless. We hurried back to the car as fast as we could but again, we could not make it in less than 60 minutes. I think we left a couple of pints of blood back there. Then we had a two hour drive home, but we stopped in Roslyn for some Father-Son pizza time. After Pizza, Casey fell right asleep on the ride home.

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