Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snow Lake II

Snow Lake, late in the day

I don't usually double-dip anymore; that is, I don't fish the same place twice in a row. In fact, last year I didn't fish the same place twice all year. That was actually a resolution I followed just for fun. But last week's trip to Snow Lake was so enchanting I made an exception and went back there today.

This time I arrived by myself and WITH my Sevylor Trail Boat. I floated the North Eastern quadrant of the lake for four hours. There was a constant wind which kept my back wet (a drawback to the fishing a large lake in a small flotation device) and required me to row constantly just to stay oriented. As a result I missed half of the strikes I got.

Throughout the afternoon I netted 7 fish, all between 2" and 7". I hooked another half-dozen fish, including some that felt like they had some heft but they all got away, to be caught again another day. As I packed my gear in the late afternoon, I decided that next time I'd start on the Western side of the lake. Or maybe just move on to Lake Caroline beyond!


  1. First of all that place is beautiful. Second that is quite a resolution, not to fish the same place twice. Good for you. Cheers.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Good plan, regarding Lake Caroline. That spot is gorgeous. Don't forget to make long stop an Upper Wildcat as well.