Sunday, June 29, 2008

Product Review: The TOPEAK MTX TrunkBag EXP

TOPEAK TRUNKBAG EXPEver since I got my Trek Navigator I've been looking for something put on that shelf in the back. Well I found it what I was looking for. The TOPEAK MTX TrunkBag EXP is just plain awesome. It slides into the shelf and locks automatically. To unlock it you just press down on the yellow clip and pull it out. The main cargo area is about a half-gallon. Plenty of room for a paperback, some candy bars, bike lock, spare tube and pump, which is what I have back, there now. But the COOLEST thing about the trunkbag are these fold-out side pouches that fasten to the bottom of the shelf. The pouches are roomy! You could fit a bag of groceries on each side! In the picture below one side is full of used clothes that I bought from someone who works about a mile from my house. I just rode up there and bought them and transported them home in my little pouches. Its so nice not to have to wear a backpack in the summer!


I am so enamored with handy accessory that I felt I must trumpet my approval on the blogosphere.

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