Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Things Casey Has Said

Aug 2007: Here are some neat little language-isms from this summer. Instead of saying "each other" Casey says "our chothers" or "their chothers". Also, instead of saying "destroy" and "pause" he says "extroy" and "depause." All of those seem to make sense to us. Sometimes we use those words when we talk to our chothers.

May 2007: After he'd been climbing all over me and tugging at my sleeves all day, I told Casey that I'd was going to send him to a private school. He said "Is that where we show our weiners and buns?". It took me a minute to realize that he thought that "Private School" was some kind of school that had to do with ones "privates".

January 2007: Amy was explaining where meat came from and she mentioned that ham and bacon come from pigs. Casey said he wants to be a pig so we can eat his ham and bacon.

January 2007: Casey wouldn't put his clothes on one morning. So Amy and I were raising our voices and telling him loudly to put his dang clothes on! "Mom and Dad! You guys are making me into a moron!" he replied testily.

January 2007: Casey said I want a make a picture with a monkey in it that has boobs and is a mommy and she is juggling brains and balls are its brains.

December 2006: Casey likes to pull his eyelids down and say "Look at my eyeblood!"

December 2006: while playing with cars at the coffee shop, casey said, "Mom! The Human Race is starting!"

December 2006: He also told Patti "When Daddy gets mad at me, he scrapes the poop out of my buns and puts it in a bowl and eats it with salt and pepper."

November 2006: Amy and Casey were at a Mexican restaurant. Casey said "Mom. God and Jesus are sitting right next to me!" and he scooted over to make room. Then he said "They're talking to me! Wait, wait, sssh what's that?" So Amy asked them what they said and he goes "They say they're prisoners here."

June 2006: Our neighbor Samantha (Sam) came home and Casey went over to her and told her "Sam! Sam! You have to come talk to us!!!" Apparently she got worried because he sounded so sincere about it and she said "What do you want to talk about?" And he said "Um... come over and talk to us about.... spiders."

June 2006: Casey was talking with Sam our neighbor and he told her "when I grow up I'm going to be a giant. And my name will be MUNGUS."

June 2006: One day I had set up a possible play date with one of Casey's friends. I wasn't sure if he was coming over or not and I said "Casey, somebody is coming over. Maybe nobody." and he looked at me and said "Dad, maybe yesbody." We covered some, no and yes.

May 2006: We were coloring with sidewalk chaulk. I said that it was funny that all the chaulk was pastel color which mean't we couldn't draw wounds or blood. Casey said, "Yeah, no hopsotch blood."

March 2006: Casey has been asking us to call him Superman-supiderman whenever he wears both his cape and his spiderman outfit. But one morning he asked us to call him American-Dragon-Jake-Long-Superman-Spiderman-Monkey-Team-Hyperforce-Go! So we did. We didn't talk to him much that day.

Mar 2006: We three woke up in bed this morning. Amy held her arms out for a hug and said "Casey, what do I need?" and Casey looked at her and said in a deadpan voice Makeup.

Mar 2006: Casey fell off a stack of books and landed on his backside. Crying, he said Mommy, I have a tummyache on my butt!

Feb 2006: Casey asked Amy for some crackers or something and she said "Casey, what's the magic word?" and he said NOW! ... QUICK!

Feb 2006: Casey said Mom, ask me how I'm doing so Amy said "How're you doing, Casey?" and he replied Wowsy!. We don't know where he got that.

Feb 2006: Casey was watching me shave today and he said "Daddy, are you scraping?" and I told him, No, I was shaving. Later he referred to the razor as the scrapy-thingie.

Feb 2006: Today I'm remembering how casey used to say "Are you Various?" when he got in trouble. We think he meant "Are you furious?"

Jan 2006: Casey just pooped and showed it to Amy...."look mom! it's a big one and a little one! It's you and me!"

Jan 2006: Amy and Casey and his friend Daniel were at some place where the kids could get their faces painted. Daniel wanted to be a lion and Casey wanted to be a Man-shooter. Whatever that is.

Mid 2004: Amy took Casey to the pet store once when he was just two. She pleaded the clerk to take out a puppy to show Casey. It was against store policy or something to have puppies interact with kids that young but she successfully pleaded her case. So the clerk grudgingly brought out a puppy and held it up to casey. And then... And then he mimiced something we'd shown him as a joke: he picked his nose, pulled out a bugger and then held his finger out to the puppy for the eat it. The clerk had a look of utter horror on her face.

October, 2005: Casey? How about a cheese-stick? asked mom. Um, how about a cake-stick? Or suffing?

September, 2005: Casey got his finger caught in his carseat and started crying. Amy pulled it out and Casey said, sincerely and tearfully, Mom, you saved my life.

September, 2005: The evolution of McDonald's. When Casey could first talk, he would say "Chicken-Fries!" to refer to Mickey-Dee's. Eventually he started to say "Spic-Don-Dalds". I ridiculed him for this mercilessly so this stage only lasted a few months until finally, he says "Yellow Arches."

August, 2005: Casey and I were watching the Mariner's game when he said, "Daddy? Where's Randy Winn?" I was amazed. Randy Winn had been traded to the Giants at the trade deadline and here my incredibly bright 3-year-old notices that he's not in the lineup. I was in awe. Then, a minute later, "Daddy? Where's mutant spiderman?"

August, 2005: Amy was pretending to be sad so she could show me how Casey responded so tenderly. He held her head and looked in her eyes and said, "Mommy? What's wrong? .... What's the big deal?"

Casey used to combine interesting words. For example, when we pointed out that the big mountain (Rainier) is called a Volcano, he said "Balcano. Balcano. Soccer Balcano." Anyway, a few weeks later, Casey and I were taking a bath together and he pointed and said "Daddy's balls. Daddy's Balls Lightyear."

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